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My sister was in town this weekend so we decided we wanted to relax and get some fresh air while the sun was out. After going for a run, we thought we deserved a little sweet treat, so we popped into this new tea shop, LizzyKate, that I had been dying to go to – it just recently opened up near my home in Kirkland – Score!

The second you walk in, you smell all these incredible floral notes from the teas on the wall. We popped in for tea, but we fell in love and sat down for a tea flight (yes – like wine tasting!). I don’t think this place could be dark, even on a cloudy day. It’s full of inviting colors, windows that wrap around, and gorgeous chalk drawings!

We got really lucky and went in while the owner was there – he’s amazing. He truly made the experience with his inviting knowledge of all of the teas. It’s my favorite when you can meet an owner as passionate as he is. Even if you aren’t into tea – he will show you why it is so incredible! For someone like me, who loves tea, I was really impressed by the quality. He joined us during our tea tasting and practically allowed us to smell every tea on the wall – my nose was so happy. 

Fun Fact: LizzyKate is named after the owner’s daughters!



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