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Besties & Bloody Marys

I’m a huge fan of Bloody Marys, in fact I actually make some really good Bloody Marys! I’ll be sure to get that post up for you very soon so you can enjoy one for yourself. They’re great to enjoy with family and friends – they’re more of a slow sipping drink and a nice savory kick to your day.

So Naomi, my best friend, and I woke up at the end of this incredible 4 day weekend on Fourth of July and we had this craving for some girl time and Bloody Marys – I was too lazy to make them so we needed to a find a spot!

Keep in mind this was on fourth of July so the hunt for an open brunch spot, with good Bloody Marys was on. We narrowed it down to two spots, Lot No. 3 or 520 in Old Bellevue! Lot No. 3 is mine and Brady’s go to place – the bar is amazing, we know the servers by name, went there after our engagement, and do all of our celebratory nights there. However, Naomi and I wanted something new so we went with 520 Bar & Grill.

For me, the atmosphere is just important as the food and outdoor seating is always prefered!  By the time we actually got to the restaurant it was noon so we ditched the benedict menu and opted for the lunch menu.  I asked the server what her favorite salad was on the menu – she said the Spicy Southwest Salad , so that is what I went with! She also let me know that it would pair really well with my Bloody Mary, even better!

By the end of our meal we were happy, full, and ready to go spend the day with friends and family for the Fourth of July! I’d love to hear what you did for your fourth of July or if you have any Bloody Mary recipes you love, feel free to comment below and let’s connect!


  1. Natalie

    August 21, 2017 at 5:44 pm

    Your photos are really beautiful! Love dates with my girlfriends 🙂

    1. cordiallyk

      August 23, 2017 at 1:22 pm

      Thank you! Lady Dates are the absolute best!

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