Pressed Juicery Cleanse: My Experience

When it comes to eating healthy, for me it’s either all in or not at all. Getting married and integrating your life and habits with another person means… all of your habits. Including the pizza that your person loves so dearly! I still eat really well, but let’s just say, I haven’t been one to say no every single time he’s asked for pizza in the past year!

Secondly, I also have an incredibly sensitive stomach that isn’t capable of processing sugars and foods the same way that others do – I guess that’s how I would put it?

In any case, I needed something that would be okay for a sensitive tummy like mine and actually help push me into that clean eating zone! It needed to be low in sugar, high in greens, 100% real – none of that fake powder or pill stuff. I already love Pressed Juicery and I trust the company, so I decided to go with their most intense and lowest calorie, Cleanse 3.

The juices for each day include Pressed Juicery’s: Greens 1, Citrus 1, Greens 2, Greens 1 (again), Greens 3, Vanilla Almond, and two waters throughout the day; Lemon Cayenne and Chlorophyll Water.

Side Note: Normally PJ would offer you Aloe Vera H2O and Chlorophyll water, but the store I went to was out of the Aloe Vera H2O. I happily replaced mine with the Lemon Cayenne.

D A Y   1

It’s day one and I feel great! I started my day with the Greens 1 and every 2 hours or so I pick up the next drink on the list. I drink anywhere from 2-4 shots of espresso on weekdays, so I ran into headaches in the afternoon pretty heavily. I didn’t really expect that to happen on the first day, since I go without coffee other times with no problem but it sure did! Other than the headaches, I felt pretty fabulous! I did reach for a small handful of raw almonds in the afternoon but other than that, I actually haven’t had a raging appetite today or really an appetite at all for that matter.

At the end of my work day, I drank half of a bottle of the Vanilla Almond juice before I headed to the gym. By the end of the day I didn’t feel like I had any lack of energy, so I followed my cardio workout as usual. After the gym I drank the second half of this bottle along with some H2O.


Favorite juice of the day? Citrus 1!

I’m a huge citrus person and this little baby was packed with my favorites including; aloe vera, coconut water, cucumber, lemon and pineapple!

P.S. the gym totally helped with my headaches!!

D A Y   2

I woke up today feeling pretty normal, I wouldn’t say my appetite has grown at all from yesterday – still not ravenous. Although, I have been seeing a lot of delicious looking meals and desserts in my social media feed. Maybe I’m just paying more attention since juice is my life right now. Haha!

I promise you I have will power, but the headaches on Day 1 were pretty rough, so I started my morning with a doppio espresso, 20 ounces of H2O and the Greens 1 juice! I work in a corporate atmosphere and I want my work to be up to par, the headaches made it harder to focus, so for me – the doppio was absolutely necessary! Ideally you’ll skip the caffeine on a cleanse, so I am not suggesting that you adhere to your bodies every addiction, but if you must – then do it.

D A Y   3

I felt a bit of relief waking up on the third day, the end is in sight! Sadly, I scheduled a little girl’s date to Bar Melusine – and I couldn’t not get oysters (they had Baywater Oysters! – my ultimate fave), so I did have 3 Baywater Oysters with lemon. Then I continued with the juices for the rest of the day.

E N D I N G   T H O U G H T S

I didn’t take the cleanse in hopes to completely clean my body, if you know about juicing – you know that isn’t how they work. Instead I did this cleanse to reset my mind, by giving it a fresh start and crash course in will power. It has made me more mindful in the decisions I am making when it’s time to go grab a snack or meal. I’m not reaching for sweets or gluten of any kind. I’m a savory kind of girl, however, when I’m in the mood for sweets, I just grab a handful of blueberries!  


Overall, I would do this cleanse again! First of all, it’s only 3 days! I didn’t have any stomach pains or anything from this cleanse, if anything I feel like this eased any stomach issues. I do feel like I have more energy and my energy lasted longer throughout those long afternoons!


Feel free to ask any questions you may have and If you have done this cleanse, comment below and tell me how it went for you!

If you would like to see some of the benefits of the Pressed Juicery cleanse click here.


  1. Val

    August 23, 2017 at 8:39 am

    This juice sounds amazing !! I be heard of it and want to try it
    It! Your pics looks amazing !

    Maple Leopard

    1. cordiallyk

      August 23, 2017 at 1:23 pm

      The juice is so great! If you’re a citrus fan like me – I recommend trying the Grapefruit Mint juice! De-lish!

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