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After adventuring through the Caribbean with one of my best friends, I got this tropical travel bug the second I landed back in Seattle and began craving white sandy beaches, mojitos, tacos, and sun! I thought – Cabo, that’s where I’m going to fix this craving! Brady and I were so excited, we knew we needed to invite some incredibly fun people. The more the merrier right? So we immediately called our really good friends, Candace and Tanner, from Home in the Bend and they were in without hesitation! Who you travel with is just as important as the vacation itself. The experience is always so much more significant and memorable when you are with people you can laugh with, get a little crazy with, and relax with.

We had an incredible time over the course of 8 days – in this post I will not be including the days we used to travel, so that I can focus on all of the festivities that made this trip one for the books.

D A Y   1 :

We stayed in a two bedroom villa at Villa Del Palmar on Medano beach. On our first day we slipped into our bathing suits and ordered some Mojitos while the four of us relaxed poolside and beachside.

The hotel has restaurants but we decided to go outside for a more authentic foodie experience – and oh my gosh, we hit the jackpot. I basically lived on Carne Asada Tacos during the duration of the trip and branched out for the appetizers!

The very first night we went to Los Deseos – aside from their incredible food, I really have to give the team of people that waited on us a special shout out. They were so attentive, fun, and kind – it made the experience that much better. We order the 3 Quesos Fundidos Al Tequila for the table – this is a must have if you go to Cabo – deal? They come to your table side and light this cheese on fire with tequila and it is amazing. Starting to crave it all over again! The inside of Los Deseos was gorgeous – we got there right before closing (still can’t believe they wanted to serve us) and we were the only ones inside. The interior includes hundreds of lit candles, lit glass bottles hanging from the ceiling above a fountain and glass hearts tapered throughout the whole restaurant. Between the food, the staff, and the atmosphere we decided on the last day of our trip, we would have to come back!

D A Y   2  :

I’m a morning person, even more so on vacay when the teal water calls! I woke up and made mimosas for Candace and I before we set sail on our day. While we enjoyed mimosas, the guys went to the gym (**cough – overachievers). When they got back around 12PM, we all got ready and walked up and down Medano Beach – stopping every few steps to jump in the waves! After making reservations at our dinner spot, a few hours of walking up and down the beach, playing in the sand, and the waves we went stopped in and got massages on the beach. I’m fairly certain we all fell asleep at some point, it was so nice to listen to the waves and relax after all of the walking.

For dinner we got a table on the beach at The Office – we had an overwhelming amount of recommendations for this restaurant and I now I get why! I got an Octopus salad with my mojito and I was happy as a clam – too much seafood for one sentence?! Together, us two couples laugh a ton, share great conversation, and we have so much fun – I swear we’re all going to live longer because of it!

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D A Y  3 :

On this day we all woke up ready to go – of course that wasn’t until 9AM but hey, it’s vacation! On the agenda we had a full day packed with froliking through the town, finding the World’s Smallest Bar, playing on the beach, and eating yummy food. We walked through the little markets, Candace found a blanket she was dying to have, and we all found tequila at the World’s Smallest Bar! It was actually hard to find because there are a lot of tiny bars in Cabo – we thought we found it at 4 different bars before the actual one. Since we were there we had to take tequila shots, we all died a little inside after those shots – but it’s the festive thing to do!

After wandering through the streets of Cabo we headed to dinner at Hacienda Cocina y Cantina. The view was unreal – we got there when the sun was setting over the arches. For dinner I went with the Hacienda salad topped with mango, strawberry, and jicama and their guava mojito. I’m a sucker for anything guava, it’s just difficult to find that true guava drink outside of Hawaii. We suggest making reservations for this spot.

D A Y   4 : 

Waking up on day 4 was especially exciting. We planned to go a bit north for the day and adventure through Todos Santos before heading to Cerritos Beach. I was so tired I fell asleep… until we hit a bump that woke me from my slumber. This little town was quaint and exactly what we needed. Cabo wasn’t busy at all during our stay, but Todos Santos just gave you more feels and culture. We wandered the cobblestone streets lined with small galleries and tiny artisan shops before we popped into a tiny truffle shop!

Next stop – Playa Cerritos! It was fairly easy to get to once we located the dirt road that took us down. In all honesty, I don’t think any of the dirt roads in this area would have been a bad idea, as they all seem to go to something beautiful and worth seeing. This beach was nothing short of a perfect idea. We worked up an appetite from Todos Santos, so we had a light lunch at the restaurant on the beach.  

After chowing down on some fish tacos we found some chairs right by the water and just enjoyed the view of the surfers. I love tide pools, seashells, all that stuff – so Brady and I got up and ran to the end of the beach, where we saw little fish and crabs before we scoured the beach for washed up sea shells. We ran into a Golden Retriever that was hanging out with the surfers on the beach and we all fell in love. His name was Charro and he hung out with us for a bit while we were seashell hunting before running back to his owner.

After a great day in Todos Santos we headed back to the hotel to freshen up before heading to Taco Loco for dinner. The tacos were super cheap but the quality was still there! I of course went with Carne Asada while the rest of the table was filled with other delicious meats. We had a band come sing to our table and we all sang along – one of my favorite memories of the trip! Afterwards we went out and danced those tacos off for a few hours.

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D A Y   5 :

The first time Brady and I ever went paddle boarding, we were together and it’s turned into one of our favorite activities to do in the summer. Prior to coming to Cabo, there were a few things we had on our list of “We Must Do” and paddle boarding in the ocean was one of them. We woke up around 7AM, skipped breakfast, and headed straight for the paddle boards along Medano Beach. No one was on the beach – like it’s early, but not thaaat early? Anyways, we had such a blast going up and down the beach. The water was clear so we got to see all of the fish we swam overtop of. We were out on the water for quite awhile, so we went to SUR Beach House for smoothies originally, but after looking at the drink menu we had to upgrade our plan to brunch.

For the rest of the day we played on the beach, drank some pina coladas, and ended at Edith’s for dinner! Loved this place – the decor was out of the world gorgeous, hundreds of glass hearts hanging everywhere, pops of color galore. Can I just have a courtyard inspired by this place?! We hopped in our ponchos sitting at the table and we all had a wonderful time!

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Those are the men we dedicated our lives to. Yep, we love em.

D A Y   6 :

The day started with waking up early, green smoothies for the whole group, bathing suits, and boats! First thing – we headed down the beach to catch a glass bottom boat over to Lover’s Beach! On the ride over to the beach we got super up close and personal with some sea lions – they smelled not so great, a bit of Chanel perfume would do them well. I’m totally joking – just be prepared if you’re planning to follow my guide! The water on the lover’s side is super calm and nice so we went for a little swim. If you walk just across the way, the ocean meets up with the pacific ocean and it’s absolutely nuts – hence it’s name, Divorce Beach. Don’t even think for one second that you’re going swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, or whatever on this side – it’s so dangerous with the waves and current. Tourists die every year because they try to go in the water there. So stick to the calm and happy side – it’s lovely! Cue the nervous laugh – Haha!

This was one of my favorite days because Brady booked a “romantic wine cruise,” that totally turned out to be a fun sunset booze cruise – it was the greatest time. Unlimited drinks, gorgeous views, music – I mean this really was the greatest time. We went out around 5pm to Lover’s Beach over to the pacific side, getting back around 9pm. We sat at the very back of the boat and watched the dolphins following us along the way! When we hit the pacific side you could see manta rays jumping out of the water – probably one of the coolest sights of my life.

Brady and I had made dinner reservations at Casadas Beach Grill  for 8:30pm and since the boat didn’t dock until close to 9pm we were running late! Literally, we ran across the beach in the sand, laughed the entire way. At this point we thought they’d cancel our reservation, so we were thinking of other places to go on the beach.

When we arrived to Cascadas Beach Grill, they were so polite and understanding about the situation – they also had a good laugh! They sat us at the perfect table, the only one left on the beach and this ended up being the best date night we’d ever had. The moon was full and it glistened on the water, the piano was being played in the back and a sweet little candle sat in the center of the table – it couldn’t have been more perfect. If you are planning to go to Cabo, you must try and get into this place when everyone’s off the beach and the moon is high, it is the most romantic restaurant.

For the rest of the night we sat on the beach and watched the waves roll in with a good bottle of wine. Little did we know, the tide was coming in (hot!). While we were up pretty high on the shore, thinking it was never going to catch us, we got soaked by a few waves! We laughed through it all and it made for such a fun memory.

Day 7:

A bittersweet morning waking up, this was our last full day before it was time to head back to our rainy home. We made the most of it of course.

Brady and I went parasailing for the first time and it was such a fun experience! We could see sea turtles from the parachute! I was really nervous to go, heights (in an uncontrollable environment) are a little sketchy to me, but once you get up there it feels like you’re floating! We spent the rest of the day enjoying our time with Candace and Tanner, eating ice cream cones and walking the beach.

We started the week with dinner at Los Deseos, so we had to end it the same way – eating our body weight in tacos!

Overall, we all had an incredible time traveling together and playing on the beach for a week. We are currently in the planning phases of our next travels, as a group – so stay tuned! If you would like to hear more about Cabo from Candace’s side, feel free to hop on over to Home In The Bend!


Where are your favorite places to travel? Have you gone to any of the amazing places we also went on our trip?! Comment, I love hearing what you guys have to say!


  1. Nancy

    August 23, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    I just lived vicariously through you! Sounds amazing!!

  2. Eli

    August 28, 2017 at 12:58 pm

    You’ve made my day!! I enjoyed this blog so much. Not only all the Californias are the most beautiful places I have been in but the food is great. Great blog. Great photos! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. cordiallyk

      August 29, 2017 at 8:22 am

      Absolutely! So glad you loved it!

  3. Emily Watson

    August 28, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    Really lovely post! Loved all your photos, looked like you had a blast! Definitely somewhere I would love to visit, so if I do I will be coming back to this post for places to go and things to do!
    Emily x |

    1. cordiallyk

      August 29, 2017 at 8:23 am

      Thanks so much! If you ever need a list, feel free to shoot me an email and I can get a little list of the best places going for you! P.S. love your blog!

  4. jade

    August 31, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    It looks like you have had a really good time! I love the pictures, what camera did you use for them?xo

    1. cordiallyk

      August 31, 2017 at 6:03 pm

      I usually use a canon, however for this trip I used my iphone!

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