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Cordially Chleo: Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to me, Little O, tiny Chleo! In honor of my very first birthday, my hooman is letting me take over Cordially K - it’s Cordially Chleo for the day! I’ve upgraded to Girl Boss, or Pup Boss? I think Doggo Boss, you know since I’m a year old and all.

I’m going to share with you thirteen fun facts about me, since my birthday happens to be October 13th!

A P P L E S   A R E   L I F E .

This is my favorite snack, little Pink Lady apples cut up into teeny tiny cubes. When it comes to other foods it’s hit or miss (I’m extraordinarily picky), just ask the pet stores my mom visits almost daily. Although, that changed when we adopted my brother.

I  L O V E   L I T T L E   H O O M E N . 

I have this thing with these mini hoomen, my mom calls them babies and children - either way I’m obsessed. If I see a momma hooman holding a mini hooman, I will not continue on my walk until my my mom let’s me say hi to the little hooman. My mom has to ask them if it’s okay if I pet them. I think they’re perfect little hoomen. I just want to love them all, teeny tiny babies are my favorite.

I   P R E F E R   S I N G I N G ,   O V E R   T H E   C L A S S I C   G R O W L . 

I like to play, but growling just isn’t my style… I prefer to relax the vocal chords and sing a harmonious tune. Now, my hoomen just laugh at me, but they clearly don’t understand the talent that I was born with.

I   L O V E   E A T I N G   F L O W E R S . 

I’m not sure if I like eating the flowers or if I just like messing with my hoomen. I always get an excited reaction from my hoomen, but I just quickly snag a petal and run! If I get really lucky, I’ll be able to grab the entire flower before my hooman takes it from me.

I  O N L Y   P O T T Y   O N   P A V E M E N T .  

I really just don’t like the way that the grass tickles my legs and booty - it’s weird. So instead I prefer to potty in parking spaces, not sidewalks though. Parking spaces. My hoomen do not like this.

I   D O N ' T   L E A V E   T H E   H O U S E   W I T H O U T   F L U F F I N G   M Y   R U B Y   B R O W S .

I really just woke up like this, but before I leave my home, I like to make sure my little ruby brows are nice and fluffed for the tiny hoomen I might see throughout my day.

I ' M   A   C A L I   G I R L .

This day last year I was born in sunny San Diego, California! My mom was able to find a really nice hooman that made sure me and my sisters were all really really healthy before we went to our homes! I was actually the only Tri-Color puppy in my litter! My three sisters were all Blenheim! My mom says I was her little dream pup.

I ' M   L I T T L E ,   B U T   I ' L L   O U T R U N   A N Y   A U S T R A L I A N   S H E P H E R D   A T   T H E   D O G   P A R K . 

I don’t want to brag or anything, but I am kind of the fastest dog at the dog park. I like to antagonize other dogs and make them chase me, because they’ll never catch me. My hoomen have no idea why I’m so fast (since I’m so little), but that’s a secret I’ll just never tell.

I   D O N ' T   W A G ,   I   W I G G L E .

I’m the happiest little pup you’ll meet and I’m a big believer in the full body wiggle. If you’re able to touch your shoulder to your tail, you’re really making it in a pup life.


I   G E T    T H E   C R A Z I E S   A F T E R   B A T H   T I M E . 

I don’t know what comes over me after bath time, but I go nuts! I roll around, I jump like a bunny into the blankets, I run circles around the coffee table, I sing to my mom, and I really like to jump on her after and get her really wet. I just get so excited, I cannot contain myself!  

I   S I T   I N   T H E   D R I V E R ' S   S E A T ,   E V E R Y   T R I P .

When I was a teeny tiny little blob, my mom put me in her lap everywhere - even when she drove in the car. Now, it’s my norm and so it doesn’t matter who is driving; my hooman, my sitter, or my grand hoomen - I sit in the driver's seat or I’ll give you the eyes. You don’t want to mess with the eyes, so I sit in the driver seat.

I ' M    R E A L L Y   G O O D   A T   H I D E   A N D   S E E K . 

Even when you think there is nothing under the couch, I am able to put something under the couch. One time I even hid a treat under the rug, that sits under the couch. That was probably my greatest honor as a pup.

A L L   I   W A N T   T O   D O   I S   S N U G G L E   W I T H   M Y   H O O M E N .

Ther perfect evening for me is really a night with my hoomen, Friends playing on the big box that sits on the wall, and some ear massages. I really like to give my hoomen hugs and plop my face onto theirs, it makes me really happy. I have a really special bond with my hoomen, they get me and I get them - we’re in love.

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes everyone!


Until next time, Cordially Chleo xx


If you want to follow along with my day to day life, follow my instagram @chleothecav

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  1. Nancy

    October 13, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    Aw Chleo, we love you so much. Happy Bithday!!❤️

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