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Holiday Series: Gift Guide for The Cocktail Enthusiast


This gift guide is for the expert with a martini shaker, the entertainer, and the one we owe so many good memories to! The cocktail enthusiast knows the goodness of a mimosa on Sunday mornings and gets excited about the guests walking through her doors so she can work her hostess magic.



1 // Whiskey Rocks— Wait people actually want coal/rocks for Christmas?! YES - the cocktail enthusiast does! These rocks or stones are used to chill drinks without diluting them with ice! If you really want a good deal, check out the whiskey rocks sold at target (click here). 


2 // Homemade Gin Kit — Such a cool gift! They can make their very own high-quality small-batch gin at home. This kit has everything they'll need to transform a bottle of vodka into a unique, delicious home blend of gin in just 36 hours. Brimming with bright notes of citrus, herbs and spices, the finished product rivals the flavor, aroma and complexity of craft distillery gin.


 3 // Kate Spade Gold Cheers Glasses — Toast to the Holidays! A cocktail enthusiast can never have too many glasses and these ones are just too cute! 


 4 // The Cocktail Recipe Book — Guys, this witty recipe book is filled with 200 drinks! As a guest of the cocktail enthusiast - do yourself a favor and get them this book. You'll benefit from all the good recipes inside! 


 5 // Bar Cart — Everyone needs a gorgeous place to display all their fun bottles and tools! Check out the gifts in the scrolling look book below! 


 6 // Cocktail Jiggers — This is the go-to tool for measuring those cocktail ingredients. You've seen that video of the woman that says, "pour two shots!" and then she pours (basically) the entire bottle, right? Yeah well - she should have used a jigger! If you want to see that hilarious video I'm talking about - click here! 


 7 // Martini Shaker Set — From the shaker, to the tongs, strainer and jigger, it's all there!  


8 // Juicer — Another essential in making the best cocktails you'll have! These are great for adding the fresh taste of fruit to the drinks! 


9 // The Carry On Cocktail Kit —  A thoughtful gift for the globe trotter in your life, The Carry-On Cocktail Gift Set contains three cocktail kits with everything you need to enjoy your favorite beverage in-flight, all in a ready-to-fly travel bag - just order your spirit of choice and enjoy!


10 // Cocktail Bag — This is just a cute little bag to throw all those fun cocktail tools and goodies in! 


11 // Gold Polka Dot Martini Shaker — I have and use this cute little shaker in my own home and I love it! 


Below you'll see more gifts for the Cocktail Enthusiast! Like the guide above, just click the image of the product to shop! If you're a fellow cocktail enthusiast, let me know in the comments below what you're hoping to be gifted this year! Or even better, what are you gifting others this season?! 

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