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Holiday Series: Gift Guide for The Fit Girl


This gift guide is for the girl that's spinning her endorphins at the gym, ready to hike on the weekends, while wanting to look just as cute as she is active. The items I have gathered in this guide are fun gifts she'll love getting! Be sure to check out the other gifts at the bottom!



1 // Dumbbells Set— Whether she's wanting to end a workout with a little light lifting or she simply can't make it to the gym that day, this gift is great! 


2 // Workout, Brunch, Repeat — This sweatshirt is the cutest for those days when your girl wants to just chill in her Athleisure gear! 


 3 // Hike, Brunch, Repeat — This sweatshirt is just as cute and perfect for the fit girl, this is just a better choice for the girl whose hitting up the greatest hiking spots nearby!


 4 // Kikki.K Goals Journals — Having a goals journal is so great for staying motivated all year long! I personally love the Kikki.K brand, I use their planners and stationary all year long! If you're going to go for a goals journal, look no further!


 5 // HUM Raw Beauty Supplement — A lot of girls in fitness and beauty are loving this product! The powder supports radiant skin and a healthy metabolism with raw organic greens, fiber, enzymes, and probiotics. The flavors come in both mint and chocolate chip! 


 6 // Adidas Yoga Bag— The perfect bag to carry all of her items to and from the gym. This yoga bag has a zip main compartment and hidden storage at the base to hold a rolled mat - so much nicer than carrying it all separate! 


 7 // Adidas Yoga Mat — This yoga mat is not only adorable but a great gift! It comes with useful carrying handles that help for going and coming to the studio. 


8 // Fit Bit Blaze & Fit Bit Alta — Both Fit Bits are a great buy! Before you buy one or the other, you'll want to think about the girl you're gifting this too - if she is into more dainty products, then go with the pink Alta! If she is into watches and needs a Fit Bit for all it's worth - then go with the Blaze!


9 // Glass Water Bottle —  Glass water bottles are easily the best choice for storing water at the gym. The taste is pure, they're BPA free, and totally chemical free. 


Below you'll see more gifts for the Fit Girl! Like the guide above, just click the image of the product to shop! If you're a gym lover, let me know in the comments below what you're hoping to be gifted this year! Or even better, what are you gifting others this season?! 

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