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Holiday Series: Gift Guide for The Girl Boss

This gift guide is for the girl boss in your life! She's busy, she's got places to be, things to do, and while she may seem hard to shop for - she want's trendy and functional pieces, like anyone, to keep her ready for what's going to be thrown her way!



1 // Kate Spade Wallet Wristlet — A girl boss loves to live life organized and in style. This wallet also doubles as a wristlet for those days when a handbag is unnecessary! P.S. It's Kate Spade and adorable - no girl boss would be disappointed!


 2 // Kikki.K Goals Journal — She's busy, but she also likes to take time to think about her goals, plan for the next season of life, and it's exciting for her to check off those goals as time goes by. I use this goals journal and it's incredible to look back and see what you're accomplishing and what you still are pushing yourself to accomplish.


 3 // Kikki.K Personal Planner — There is something about the classic pen and paper planners! I'll probably never give up my Kikki.K planners, not only are they gorgeous, but they're made well and will last all year and beyond. They really make being busy and planning so much more fun! 


4 // Roses De Chloe Rollerball — A girl on the go needs a little perfume she can stick in her handbag! This is my absolute favorite scent - it's very light and floral with a classic hint. The scent is very fresh and doesn't throw people off - which is something a busy girl needs when she's meeting with multiple people each day! 


5 // Laptop Case — A new laptop case is a no brainer! I like this one because (shamefully) I've dropped my mac in this case too many times and every time I credit this case! 


6 // Hustle Mug — Help her wake up motivated with a mug that says it all - HUSTLE! 


7 // Daniel Wellington Watch — I have this watch by Daniel Wellington and I am in love! I's dainty and has a clean rose finish! Use code CORDIALLYK to get 15% off! 


8 // Kate Spade Laptop Bag —  Again, you can do no wrong with Kate Spade or laptop accessories and this just brings that all together! The classic black will go with anything she wears and not to mention it's gorgeous while still being professional.


9 // Boss Lady Tumbler — Keep her caffeinated through the day with a mug that reminds her of her worth! (P.S. she's ALWAYS worth it!)  


10 // Jeffrey Campbell Civil Heel Loafers — I. Am. Obsessed. It's no secret that I'm a bit of a loafer’s queen and these ones by Jeffery Campbell are perfectly professional and trendy! You cannot go wrong with these! 


11 // Hot Tools Spring 1.25-inch Curling Iron — A lot of times ceramic and titanium curling irons don't hold a curl too long, so I like to stick with the Hot Tools 24K gold-plated barrel because it gives me those gorgeous loose waves while holding those curls hours longer than other irons. A girl boss needs her curls to last! 


12 // Mac's Ruby Woo — This is a power duo in the lip color world - everyone should have this color!  This little red duo has a matte vivid blue-red undertone, making it incredibly flattering on all skin tones!


Below you'll see more gifts for the Girl Boss in your life! Like the guide above, just click the image of the product to shop! If you're a fellow girl boss, let me know in the comments below what you're hoping to be gifted this year! Or even better, what are you gifting others this season?! 

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