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Holiday Series: Throw A Pajama Party!

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One of my favorite ways to ring in the holidays is to gather my favorite girls, sip on some cocktails, and share some laughs paired with quality girl-time in the chaos that is, the holidays. It’s so much fun to get dressed in your best party dresses during the holidays, but there is something fun and special about getting your cutest pajamas on and just having a great time in! My favorite photographer, Sarah Wolfe is equally obsessed, so we decided this pajama party was must! I invited a couple of my favorite Seattle blogger babes, Emma Cortes from Emma’s Edition and Rechelle Lewis from Sea of Sanctuary to join in my festive pajama party at the Woodmark HotelWoodmark Hotel is a really special place to me: I got married there, I've had many staycations and dinners at their amazing restaurants and so I jumped at the chance to throw our cozy soiree here! I love being the host, making the fun cocktails and having a good time, so I’m sharing with you my tips on pulling together the best pajama party with your babes!

G L A M   I T   U P ! 

Add pops of color or shiny details in your glassware, confetti and decor! You can really have a lot of fun with the glassware, I love colored glass or the gold polka dots champagne flutes we used! Decorate with fun, out of the box things like disco balls, glittery ribbon or fun tassel garland! If you want to stick with the classics, go for deep red ribbons, peppermint sticks and Moscow Mule cups!


See some my favorite inspiration pieces: tassel garland, colored glassware, disco balls, tablescape inspo

S I G N A T U R E   C O C K T A I L S !

For this pajama party we kept it light with my favorite sparkling rose by a local winery, Chateau St. Michelle’s Michelle Brut and dipped a little candy cane in each. I love coming up with a fun little drink to keep the night going and in the holiday season, while using in-season ingredients like cranberries or pomegranate! Below you’ll see a recipe for one of my favorite cocktails in the winter months - it’s the perfect balance of sweet, while being light and enjoyable for everyone!


Cranberry Gin Cocktail

  • 1 Measure of Gin - 2 if you want to get wild.
  • 150 ml Cranberry Juice
  • 10 ml Lemon Juice
  • Ice Cubes
  • Fresh Cranberries
  • Mint Leaves


Fill a small glass with ice cube and add the gin and lemon juice. Next, top with cranberry juice and stir! Top with fresh cranberries and a mint leaf or two! Optional: *I love mint, so I like to crush a couple leaves and mix it in with the gin and lemon!

Bake Some Goodies!

There’s something extra fun about turning on the best Michael Bublé has to offer in Christmas music and baking with your girlfriends! I love baking simple sugar cookies and crowding around a table to decorate them, with hot cocoa nearby. I have one friend that is an amazing baker and the rest of us are terrible, so while she elegantly ices her cookies, my other friends and I have icing all over us - but the laughs make it well worth it!

D I Y   W R A P P I N G   P A P E R !

Turn on your favorite Christmas music, enjoy those cocktails and start making that wrapping paper! Not only is DIY wrapping paper super simple, it’s fun and you can really send a personal message to your loved ones with your special paper!


Supply List

  • White or brown paper

(you can buy a roll at Fred Meyers, IKEA, or Home Depot!)

  • Sharpies, Markers, Paint & Paint Brushes

            (you don’t need all of them, but I like to give a variety!)

  • Ribbon, String, bows, washi tape
  • Greenery and other decor pieces!


Cut the paper to the appropriate size for your gifts and begin painting and/or drawing phrases, shapes, notes, whatever you want!

S T O C K I N G S !

Who could forget about the stockings?! They're so much fun, if you are wanting to get a couple gifts for each of your friends, have them all ready to give when your friends arrive! If you're foregoing gifts with your girls, have everyone bring their stockings and have fun filling them together while you rejoice in the lines of Elf! 

I hope this post inspires you to gather your favorite people and just have a great time this holiday season! Let me know in the comments what your favorite traditions are with your greatest friends! 


  1. Giulia

    December 6, 2017 at 8:23 am

    This post is literally the cutest!! Such a fun idea!

    1. cordiallyk

      December 6, 2017 at 8:50 am

      Thanks love! Hey I loved your most recent post about LDRs! Hope you’re loving San Jose!

  2. Emily

    December 6, 2017 at 11:45 am

    This looked like such a fun photo shoot! Makes me want to make a sleepover with my friends and buy cute christmas PJs!

    1. cordiallyk

      December 6, 2017 at 11:47 am

      Thanks so much for such a sweet comment! I love pajama parties!!

  3. Emily

    December 6, 2017 at 11:45 am

    This looked like such a fun photo shoot! Makes me want to make a sleepover with my friends and buy cute christmas PJs!

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