C O R D I A L L Y   K

Cordially K is intended to be a source of inspiration for those wanting to live happy, healthy, and in the moment – for the optimists really. It’s finding moments to celebrate and understanding that there isn’t a day not worth celebration. I’ll be covering things I find joy in from entertaining, weddings, travel, beauty and recipes.

I named the blog Cordially K, because a lot of friends and family must believe that the 6 letters to create my name wasn’t short enough (haha!) so they call me “K.” Secondly, the name is similar to the signing off of a letter because all of the content is from me; whether it’s a personal experience or  my positive opinion. All of the content is something I believe in. I would love when you visited Cordially K, that you would feel inspired to celebrate, travel, or just enjoy life a little bit more.

My content is not sponsored, however, if there is ever a sponsored post – I will disclose that information in the post. Secondly, I will never allow sponsored content on Cordially K unless I believe in it.


M Y  S T O R Y

Cordially K has been a couple years in the making – I know, a very long time. I have always been very creative minded, an optimist, grew up an artist, but I have also always been a perfectionist, unwilling to move forward unless I’m utterly in love. Going forward to why I’ve created Cordially K. Not to get super deep on you all, but a couple years ago while I was a sophomore in college studying Marketing, my father passed and my eyes opened up and I began to see and appreciate things much more than I had before. With the support of my then boyfriend, Brady (now husband), I decided I wanted to share life with everyone while being creative and fun, so I began working on what is now, Cordially K. After going through roughly 4 sites and countless blog titles, I stepped back.

In the next couple of years a lot happened in life; Brady and I got married, got our dream pup – Chleo, I graduated in Graphic Information Technology, started traveling all over, and celebrated every moment along the way! These are the moments that made Cordially K come together – I sat back and took a look at all the things I am passionate about and it’s been simple since. I have always had an eye for aesthetics and a heart for people, so that is what this is. Cordially K is not just a creative outlet, but a place where I can share life with you and hopefully a place where you feel inspired and excited to share your life with me!


S P E E D   R O U N D  

Monterey, California is my favorite place of all time.

Obsessions: green juice, kombucha, dresses, anything “quaint”

My pups, Chleo & Ruxin are my babies – Follower her @chleothecav on Instagram!

Pie over cake always.

Favorite Food: Any Mexican food and I’m there. If it’s my best friends’ mom (shes the best) cooking, even better.

Guilty Pleasures: Anything Shonda Rhimes creates & scones

Extrovert – spend two seconds with me and you’ll know.

Favorite Colors: Blue and Lavender